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Sid Eden sings & plays Then & Now:

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What the critics have to say…

A great album with backing from legends…an all-star band… all major figures in jazz… fascinating… fabulous… ace band is clearly inspired… a treasure trove."  – J.R. TAYLOR - NEW YORK PRESS

About the sessions with Joe Albany: "A duet in the classical sense of the word."  – JOSÉ FERRER

"…amazing work from the pioneering bop pianist Albany. It's fascinating to hear the fabulous abandon that got Albany fired by the likes of Charles Mingus and Billie Holiday… 'bop fans really need to hear this record… this has to be heard.'"  – NEW YORK PRESS - J.R. TAYLOR   read the full review on NYPress.com

The Musicians

Sid Eden - vocals & piano
Joe Albany - piano
Dave Schnitter - tenor sax
Zoot Sims - tenor sax
Clark Terry - trumpet
Jimmy Raney - guitar
Stosh McGlaughlin - piano & arrangements
Richard Davis - bass
Mel Lewis - drums

About the CD Then & Now:

Were it not for the encouragement of Joe Derise, one of the greatest singers of good songs, the 1968 session with Zoot, Clark Terry, et. al., would never have happened. Derise, likewise, produced the 1984 dates with Joe Albany, the final recorded legacy of this oft-mentioned, rarely-recorded pianist who died four years later and had the unfair distinction of being fired by Billie, Bird, Prez and Mingus, the probable reason being that he played "too much." Albany was self-effacing, but it was only a mask. The subject of two documentary films which focused on his drug addiction (films from which he received bobkes), he quoted freely from Shakespeare, read Proust and knew a zillion tunes and who wrote them. When he died, newspapers on both Coasts and in-between printed extensive obituaries. They should long ago have given him $100,000 a year and the Presidential Medal of Honor for he was the link between Nat Cole and the Teddy Wilson-style and Bud Powell and Bebop and he died broke. Our goal was to form a true classical duo, a 50-50 give-and-take which might sound foreign to devotees of Doris Day (or, even, Ella) with Andre Previn. DE GUSTIBAS NON EST DISPUTANDUM. Accompanying myself on the 21st Century NOW sessions, I'm joined on the final date by Dave Schnitter, virtuoso tenor saxophonist. Schnitter began his career with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers and has since become an internationally-recognized Master, with many CD's and records to his credit. MONACO, played and sung superbly by Joe Derise, was developed from an idea by Johnny Napton, who had a hit in the '40's with MY DEVOTION. With the title and the first couple of measures, the composer, Alonzo Levister and I wrote a new song. Anyone familiar with the real Prince Albert, you know how to reach me. S.E.

The Songs

Some Fine Day
I'm Stepping Out With A Memory Tonight
What Do You Think I Am?
The Moon Looks Down & Laughs
Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good To You?
Slumming on Park Avenue
Everybody Knew But Me
Isn't This A Lovely Day?
When In Rome
Angel Eyes
Stompin' At The Savoy
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
Why Try To Change Me Now
You Turned The Tables On Me
Old, Old, Friends
Everything Happens To Me
I'm Always Drunk In San Francisco
Lush Life
(Our) Love !s Here To Stay

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