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ATLANTIC CITY STORY is a mordantly funny, seemingly misogynist, politically incorrect, "well-made", two act play about a couple of con men from Manhattan who check into the old Marl borough-Blenheim Hotel on the evening of the Beatles Concert at the Steel Pier in 1964. (1 was there.). It is written in the George Abbott style of well constructed comedies of the '30's and 40's and is concerned with identity, risk and brotherhood. I directed the production at the Quaigh Theater in the Diplomat Hotel (NYC) in 1986, and was well-pleased with the cast, the setting and the audience response. Some reviewers were also pleased, but some fellow for the NEW YORK TIMES crucified it mercilessly making mention throughout of my success as a producer and director in what he obviously considered the hinterland of Chicago, but questioning by right to write a play.


GEORGE JEAN NATHAN IN REVUE was a great success when produced at Stage 2 of the Goodman Theater by Gregory Mosher. I directed the production, which featured the noted actor, Chicago resident, Tony Mockus, complimented by a chorus of four others (Geraldine Kay, Tony Lincoln and Chicagoland's beloved Ray Rayner) alternating in a variety of roles including H.L. Mencken, Eleanora Duse, Clarence Darrow and Sinclair Lewis, among others. The marvelous setting by Michael Merritt included colorful rear projection slides of all the famous theatrical figures of the period. (I inherited this part of the physical production). The play was a great favorite that season (via audience surveys) with the sophisticated, largely subscription audience, proving to be wonderful fare for regional theaters, but, rather than pursue that venue, and having found H.L. Mencken (and his relationship with GJN) to be of such interest, I decided to develop their relationship and their founding of the AMERICAN MERCURY, with another play entitled MENCKEN, NATHAN & GOD. Currently, I am reworking the material back into a one man show and am thinking of playing GJN myself.