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SIDNEY EDEN covered the entire 1987-88 Broadway & Off Broadway theater scene for the nationally-syndicated, twenty-six week program, Broadway Magazine on NBC-Tempo cable TV. Co-producing, writing and editing the entire half hour show (which usually covered two Off-Broadway and one Broadway production), Eden also performed the first, featured 15 minute segment as resident critic, often including his in-depth interviews with members of the production. In this regard, he conducted cogent and provocative interviews with stars such as Christopher Plummer, Jim Dale, Joan Allen, Delroy Lindo and Glenda Jackson, and literate and informative sessions with playwrights, David Henry Wang, Athol Fugard and Arthur Miller, to mention a few. With (unfortunately) few commercial interruptions and tremendous graphics and production values on a par with the best in network television coverage of the entertainment industry, Broadway Magazine made Channel One's current take on the New York theater scene look like amateur night.

In addition, Eden has made numerous appearances in the "Jockbeat" column of the Village Voice writing on the subject of thoroughbred horse racing, a subject on which he is (occasionally) expertly knowledgeable.

Parenthetically, Eden is a devotee and collector of the works of George Jean Nathan, the American theater's most famous, longest-running and most influential critic, and has written two plays on the critic's life. Eden owns the dramatic rights to all of GJN's writings via Nathan's widow, the actress Julie Haydon Nathan and is currently developing a new, one-man show on the subject.

At left: Sid Eden with Julie Haydon Nathan who created the roles of Kitty in Time of Your Life, Laura in The Glass Menagerie, played opposite Noel Coward in Hecht & MacArthur's The Scoundrel among her diverse roles.

Tapes of Eden's appearances on Broadway Magazine, are now available on the video page.

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